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 [Tutorial]C/C++ Tutorials Part 4 - I/O Functions [Tutorial]

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[Tutorial]C/C++ Tutorials Part 4 - I/O Functions [Tutorial] Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial]C/C++ Tutorials Part 4 - I/O Functions [Tutorial]   [Tutorial]C/C++ Tutorials Part 4 - I/O Functions [Tutorial] EmptyThu Oct 07, 2010 8:26 am

Yeh So in this tutorial we will be learning I/O Functions Very Happy:D
[Tutorial incomplete]

Right so now were on Part 4 of C++ tutorials all by KaZ Smile
First of all you will have to have this along with all you're other headers if you use io functions
#include <pspiofilemgr.h>

ok so now i'll explain a bit about the io functions

This command opens a file for reading/writing/and other suff, It returns the File ID when used.
it opens stuff basicly and you can use it for detection code Wink

SceUID sceIoOpen(const char *file, int flags, SceMode mode);

const char *file
This is the filename including its path (/blah/blah/test.txt)
basicly file equals the path so like this. file = blahhh.txt

int flags
This part of the command is where you define what your going to do with the file, and you may use these flags as defined in pspiofilemgr_fcntl.h:

PSP_O_RDONLY - Only opens file for reading
PSP_O_WRONLY - Only opens file for writing
PSP_O_RDWR - Does both reading and writing
PSP_O_NBLOCK - Not quite sure what this is, but you dont have to worry about it
PSP_O_DIROPEN - This is an internal directory flag dont worry about it
PSP_O_APPEND - Opens the file and goes to the end of the file
PSP_O_CREAT - Creates the file if it doesnt exists (so if file not exist then it makes it Very Happy)
PSP_O_TRUNC - Truncates the file when opened
PSP_O_EXCL - Awaiting Name... (LOL)
PSP_O_NOWAIT - im not sure about this but supposing its maybe not waiting for something?

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[Tutorial]C/C++ Tutorials Part 4 - I/O Functions [Tutorial]
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