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 [Tutorial] C/C++ Tutorials Part 2 - Making a Hello world by KaZ [Tutorial]

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[Tutorial] C/C++ Tutorials Part 2 - Making a Hello world by KaZ [Tutorial] Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] C/C++ Tutorials Part 2 - Making a Hello world by KaZ [Tutorial]   [Tutorial] C/C++ Tutorials Part 2 - Making a Hello world by KaZ [Tutorial] EmptyMon Sep 20, 2010 1:22 pm

This tutorial is by kaz. (c) if you modifiy the tutorial or copy edit modify and post please let me know before you do that.

First of all you have to have your enviroment setted up, i reccomend Cygwin or PSPSDK
[Heres a quick tutorial on how to setup pspsdk - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ]

Before you carry on i think you should learn some of this:
FIRST of all a header is something like this
#include <pspkernel.h>
SECOND of all
PSP_MODULE_INFO("example", 0, 1, 1);
[<--Usermode Code] we need this to make out eboot.
PSP_MODULE_INFO("example", 0x1000, 1, 0);
now as you can after the text example the numbers are different. why? this example is now in kernel mode Smile
THIRDLY MOST IMPORTANT IF U WANT TO DISPLAY TEXT after u put ur PSP_MODULE_INFO blah blah on the next line u have to put this
#define printf pspDebugScreenPrintf
this allows us to print our text to our screen

ok so here are some definitions of some of the C++ lines
printf("text here"); - This is used to display the text
sceKernelDelayThread(100000); - Makes the user wait 1second then u can do whatever e.g display tex after 1sec or exit.
sceKernelExitGame(); - This is used to exit the game to xmb
SetupCallbacks(); - This is used so we can use the HOME Button. if u remove it then u cant press the home button to exit, but u can use sscekernelexitgame func

ok so lets start make a folder and make some files called

[copy these into the folder you made]

these are the files we need to make our eboot.pbp

ok so lets go on ahead and and edit the makefile open it up in notepad and add this


TARGET = Hello_World

OBJS = main.o 

CFLAGS = -G4 -Wall -O2
CXXFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti

LIBDIR = c:\pspsdk\psp\sdk\lib
STDLIBS= -losl -lpng -lz -lpspsdk -lpspctrl -lpspumd -lpsprtc -lpsppower -lpspgu -lpspaudiolib -lpspaudio -lm

PSP_EBOOT_TITLE = Hello World by KaZ

PSPSDK=$(shell psp-config --pspsdk-path)
include $(PSPSDK)/lib/build.mak

after you've copied that save it and exit it.
now we'll go on ahead to the main.c to edit, again open it up in notepad and copy and paste this code


#include <pspkernel.h>
#include <pspdebug.h>
#include <pspctrl.h>
#include <pspdisplay.h>

PSP_MODULE_INFO("Hello World with kaz's tut", 0, 1, 2);

#define printf pspDebugScreenPrintf
#define Wait sceKernelDelayThread(3000000);

/* Exit callback */
/* (c) tutorial made by KaZ */
int exit_callback(int arg1, int arg2, void *common) {
          return 0;

/* Callback thread */
/* (c) tutorial made by KaZ */
int CallbackThread(SceSize args, void *argp) {
          int cbid;

          cbid = sceKernelCreateCallback("Exit Callback", exit_callback, NULL);


          return 0;

/* Sets up the callback thread and returns its thread id */
/* (c) tutorial made by KaZ */
int SetupCallbacks(void) {
          int thid = 0;

          thid = sceKernelCreateThread("update_thread", CallbackThread, 0x11, 0xFA0, 0, 0);
          if(thid >= 0) {
                    sceKernelStartThread(thid, 0, 0);

          return thid;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
/* This is where the text is displayed (c) tutorial made by KaZ */
   printf("Hello World \n");
   printf("Made with KaZ's Tutorial (c) \n");
   printf(" \n");
   return 0;

edit the words after printf("to say whatever you want it to say");
\n means a new line
E.G printf("this is my first hello world\n");

next copy your folder and the makefile and main.c inside of it to pspdev/pspsdk and paste it in the psp folder
next open up pspdev.cmd/pspsdk.cmd and type cd psp/yourfoldername
then type make and wait for it then it should strip it into param.sfo a main.o and a eboot.pbp then just copy the eboot.pbp and run it on your psp and enjoy. YOU NEED A CFW/HBL PSP TO RUN THE PBP.

Third Tutorial - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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[Tutorial] C/C++ Tutorials Part 2 - Making a Hello world by KaZ [Tutorial]
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